The Psychology of Addiction and Recovery

Addiction is more complex than people think. Any psychologist, like FPS, will tell you that there are physical and psychological components of addiction. It is important to focus on both components of addiction when it comes to overcoming addiction. A lot of people just look at the physical, and not the psychological. The psychological component […]

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Did Drinking Save My Life?

In AA meetings I have heard people share the thought that drinking saved their life. Another goes along the lines of drink was my medicine. This post is about these two things as I have some doubts that this is true – however I might change my mind by the end. Teenage Drinking Like many, […]

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How Many AA Meetings A Week do You Attend?

Right now I attend only 1 or 2 AA meetings per week. It has not always been like this and looking back I think I have went through cycles that are fairly similar to other people. Why Go to AA Meetings? I started going to Alcoholics Anonymous meeting over twelve years ago. I only wanted […]

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So Smart I Can’t Make Myself Happy

This was my flash of wisdom during coffee with a friend one day last week.  I was talking about how many people when sharing in AA meeting sound like they are trying to prove how intelligent they are – so intelligent that they can’t make themselves happy. I find it frustrating when someone is a […]

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What is Experience Strength and Hope

I have been at a lot of AA meeting now.  I have heard a lot of stuff spoken about / shared.  Some of it used to drive me crazy, very little ever has that affect now.  However last week at a meeting I listened to someone share for about 10 minutes. The meetings I go […]

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A Head Full of Negative Thoughts

Today has been one of those days where as they say in AA my head is out to get me. Writing that sounds like not taking responsibility for my own thinking and life – that is the way thoughts are running around today. This morning I described it as existential angst. Wondering where I fit […]

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That Our Lives Had Become Unmanageable

This is my thoughts on the second part of the first step of AA, (first part). Was my life truly unmanageable?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no – but the longer I drunk alcohol and used drugs the more unmanageable my life became.  I didn’t come from a settled background, something that seems typical of a lot […]

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not powerless

We Admitted We Were Powerless Over Alcohol

I like to think of the first step of Alcoholics Anonymous as having two parts.  For me admitting that I am powerless over alcohol and then admitting that my life is unmanageable were much easier when one came after the other. A lot is made in meetings of AA about powerlessness – however the word […]

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All Up Hill

The Hardest Year of my Sobriety

The first year I was sober in Alcoholics Anonymous was hard, I expected it to be hard and I think that is were the difference lies. This last year has been the hardest year of my sobriety, but I did not see it coming and I did not expect it, as it has been now […]

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